Trekking the Road to Recovery

Posted by Gray Wolf Ranch on Mar 20, 2018 9:30:00 AM


Is there a sharper contrast than the image of me sitting on my sofa getting high compared to finishing a 3-day trek in Mt. Olympus? I would not have believed it was true, had I not experienced it myself.

I have always had a taste for adventure. I like a good challenge – doing things that others consider impossible, taking it to the next level, feeling that adrenaline rush. Clearly this craving was one of the factors that led me to addiction. Once you start, it’s hard to walk away. There’s always a new concoction, a better high, a quicker delivery. It never ends.

Strangely enough trekking has turned my life around. I never thought I would say that, but it really has. Here’s why:

  • Overwhelming presence of a higher power – When you look out at the beauty of the mountains, it is hard to deny that a higher power created all of this. The perfect color, shape, smell, and distribution of rock, vegetation, and wildlife couldn’t be more perfect. It gave me a reason to reflect on the good in my life.
  • Deafening silence – Unless you are singing to yourself, you won’t hear much while you are trekking. There is the wind, the birds, and rustling of the trees, but the thoughts in your head become much louder. The lack of distraction gives purity to your focus. That focus helped me understand where I was and what I needed to do.
  • Pain and suffering – If you are not in shape, spending a day climbing the side of a mountain will make you plenty sore. The thing is, the exceptional pleasure of experiencing nature in its purist form without distraction makes it a minor inconvenience.
  • Survival skills – Aside from the possibility of being eaten by a bear, trekking does not appear to be a dangerous undertaking. But, then again, neither did drinking, or taking one hit, long ago. By going out in the wilderness and losing your way, forgetting essential supplies, or walking into a storm are realities that you may face. You need to be able to remain calm, examine your options, and develop creative solutions that help you, and your companions, survive and thrive. This is true on a trek and in life.

These are a few of the dominant reasons I believe that trekking has transformed my life. It has enabled me time and focus to reflect on my life, and my purpose.

Do you, or someone you know, struggle with substance abuse? Gray Wolf Ranch offers wilderness trekking therapy programs that bring about lasting change. Situated in the Northwest of Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, Gray Wolf Ranch offers several trekking programs for young men who have a chemical dependency. It has been providing unmatched services and long-lasting results for residents since 1996. To learn more about the recovery programs at Gray Wolf Ranch. Click here or call 206-785-1676 to.



At Gray Wolf Ranch, we believe that drug and alcohol addiction is treatable and that full recovery is possible. The following tenets guide our program and have helped us create a nurturing, respectful environment of healing. Each resident is unique, and each path to drug and alcohol recovery is, in most respects, a private journey. Gray Wolf provides the professional assistance to guide and facilitate that journey, and residents take an active part in establishing their own plan for recovery from local areas like Coupeville, Chimacum and Sequim as well as all over the US with residents coming in from Oregon, Illinois and Minnesota to name a few. Ultimately, we believe the most effective and sustainable path to recovery is one traveled with friends. At the heart of Gray Wolf is community and connection. This is a place where mutually supportive, lifelong relationships are forged.


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