Find Healing & Hope at Gray Wolf Ranch

Posted by Gray Wolf Ranch on May 23, 2018 9:55:16 AM

Real Stories from Our Washington State Wilderness Recovery

At Gray Wolf Ranch, we seek to transform the lives of families. Deeply committed to helping residents develop supportive, lifelong relationships and critical peer connections, we’ve created a nurturing, respectful healing environment where male adolescents and young adults create their own recovery journey. If threads of this family’s story sound like your own, we may be an ideal fit for you—or someone you love. Call 206.785.1676 to reach our team of outreach and admissions staff.

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Wilderness Therapy And Its Benefits For Teens Suffering With Addiction

Posted by Gray Wolf Ranch on Oct 17, 2017 8:34:56 AM

Through multiple studies and research, it is a well-known fact the invaluable benefits and importance nature has on helping an addict recover from addiction. At Gray Wolf, we realize not only the benefits that nature and wilderness therapy has on recovery, but also the benefits it brings to the individual outside of recovery.

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