Gray Wolf Ranch Panel to Discuss Family Impact on Recovery

Posted by Gray Wolf Ranch on Sep 6, 2018 6:00:55 PM

Join Us to Explore the Role of Family in Substance Misuse Treatment

“Addiction is only one part of the story and recovery is the continuing day-by-day experience of living each moment with courage, strength and growing wisdom.”
– Katherine Ketcham

Family-TherapyGray Wolf Ranch invites community members, families and addiction professionals to attend a panel discussion about chemical dependency and the family from 5 to 8 pm on Thursday, Sept. 13. The Gray Wolf Ranch team and our distinguished guests will share critical insights into substance use disorder and the role of family participation during treatment. The forum will be held at Seattle South Public Library and is open to interested members of the public.

Gray Wolf Ranch’s panel discussion will be followed by a book-signing event with Katherine Ketcham, panel member and critically acclaimed author of The Only Life I Could Save.

Fresh Insights Into Family Recovery Challenges

Topics covered in the upcoming forum will center on the benefits of restoring family wellness as an integral part of recovery. Recovery never happens in a vacuum, and outcomes improve when families participate in Gray Wolf’s Family Workshops and wrap-around family wellness plans. Families must learn difficult treatment lessons alongside their loved ones as they offer and receive support during rehab and throughout relational restoration.

Gray Wolf Ranch cordially invites you to join our panel of recovery experts as they share insights garnered through personal experience and during collective decades of work in the fields of substance use disorders and dual diagnosis treatment.

Our Panel of Experts

  • Edward Mosshart, LMHC, Panel Moderator
    Eminently qualified to lead our panel discussion, Edward Mosshart joined Gray Wolf Ranch as Program Director with more than 25 years in the behavioral health field (including 12 years in Seattle private practice). His extensive experience includes working as Clinical Director at Sundown M Ranch, where 400 to 500 adolescents and young adults receive residential treatment for substance misuse each year.
  • Katherine Ketcham, Author & Founder: Trilogy Recovery Community, Walla Walla, WA
    An accomplished non-fiction writer, Katherine has authored 17 books, including a classic in addiction literature: Under the Influence: A Guide to the Myths & Realities of Alcoholism (co-authored with James Milam, Ph.D.). Her latest book, The Only Life I Could Save: A Memoir, recounts her journey through the trials of her son’s addiction and recovery. An active volunteer with troubled young people, Katherine founded a nonprofit grassroots organization committed to expanding recovery support for local teens and families struggling with substance misuse.
  • Stephanie Mannion, Board President: Changes Parent Support Network
    The mother of a child in recovery, Stephanie has been instrumental in spreading the Changes network beyond Seattle. She brings the firsthand experience of families dealing with addiction and shares her passion for building local organizational partnerships to help families and individuals struggling with addiction.
  • Ellen Lewis, Vice President: Changes Parent Support Network
    The single mother of a son addicted to heroin, Ellen found the recovery help she and her son needed at Gray Wolf Ranch’s Aftercare Program. Her presence on the panel will provide insight into recovery and self-care for families supporting chemically dependent loved ones.
  • Nicole Sartore-Babuin, BSW, CDP, Director of Family Program & Clinical Outreach Team at Gray Wolf Ranch
    With over 25 years’ experience in addiction and recovery treatment, Nicole has worked extensively with families of addicted individuals. As a vital member of the Gray Wolf team, she brings an openness to family treatment and a willingness to explore personalized options for each family.
  • Michael Roeske, Psy.D., Chief Executive Officer: Bayside Marin
    A licensed clinical psychologist and adjunct professor, Michael has experience dealing with substance misuse in a variety of settings, including community clinics, psychiatric hospitals and inpatient/outpatient treatment programs. As an administrator, he emphasizes ethical, transparent communication and clinically sound care.
  • Joyce Sundin, Intervention Specialist
    Joyce is a certified chemical dependency counselor and interventionist. Her training and experience provide a unique understanding of the family intervention process used when a loved one denies or cannot recognize an addiction.

 Gray Wolf Ranch Brings a Fresh Approach to Recovery

Combining wilderness trekking, educational opportunities, 12-Step guidance and family workshops, Gray Wolf Ranch has created a distinctive, practical approach to recovery for young men. Our success can be seen in adolescents, young adults and families that have healed and gone on to share rich, productive lives and restored relationships. Join us in Seattle for this month’s “From Crisis to Recovery” panel. For questions about the forum or to inquire about our family recovery services, contact us online, 24/7. Gray Wolf Ranch Panel to Discuss Family Impact on Recovery

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