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Posted by Gray Wolf Ranch on Oct 11, 2018 2:53:55 PM

Real Stories from Our Recovery Partners

Transforming the lives of young men and families, Gray Wolf Ranch teaches clients the importance of community, education and relationships. The following is a true story of a chemical dependency counselor’s professional experience with Gray Wolf Ranch. If your child or loved one is in the trenches of alcohol or drug misuse, call 206.785.1676 to reach our admissions team and begin the journey to peace and sobriety.

Meet Andrea St. Clair


“As a mental health and chemical dependency professional, I have been referring clients to Gray Wolf Ranch for over 20 years. Before recommending a treatment program or sober living environment for clients and families, I determine whether the program will be a good fit for them philosophically, logistically and financially. Most importantly, I choose programs that are clinically sound. Gray Wolf Ranch has a strong core clinical staff, which is critical to the recovery process. In addition, it provides a close-knit community where teens and young men learn life skills as they work, volunteer, participate in therapy and attend meetings. Ed Mosshart, the facility’s program director, has a wealth of experience, dedication and wisdom to share with Gray Wolf residents.

From its beautiful wilderness setting to the charm of Port Townsend’s waterfront community, this facility is truly unique. The uplifting environment plays a major role in the healing process, and the treks and kayaking journeys help young men access emotions and process feelings in profound new ways. Nico Kladis is the exemplary trek program director. He imparts his abiding love and respect for the natural world to Gray Wolf Ranch residents while teaching them wilderness and safety skills.

As a referring professional, I look for recovery environments where young adults can continue their education. Shu De Lapp, Gray Wolf Ranch’s Director of Education, is remarkable! She is committed to helping residents discover and explore their passions. Shu goes the extra mile to help young men find an academic or vocational path by identifying their interests and academic strengths.

Gray Wolf Ranch has an amazing executive chef. Kelly Bell is a culinary artist extraordinaire. She prepares delicious, healthy foods, teaches young men the culinary arts—and builds relationships with them. At Gray Wolf Ranch, as in many homes, the kitchen is the heart of the program. Incorporating nourishment as part of the healing process, she and her staff help residents restructure their lifestyles around positive eating habits.

Nicole Satore-Babuin is the family program director. She offers her years of experience helping families understand substance problems, practice self-care and support their loved ones during treatment. Having a son at Gray Wolf Ranch is an incredible opportunity for growth for the whole family.

I think so highly of Gray Wolf Ranch that I have recommended the facility to a member of my own family. I have seen participating clients and families receive the tools they need to face life’s challenges and build a solid foundation for sobriety and personal growth. I am thankful for the opportunity to partner with the Gray Wolf team.”

-Andrea St. Clair, MA, CDP, CC


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