Celebrating Gifts of the Season While Your Son Is in Rehab

Posted by Gray Wolf Ranch on Dec 13, 2018 12:23:44 PM

Three Helpful Tips for Staying Connected

Holiday-and-RehabWhen your son enters treatment for chemical dependency and begins the hard work of recovery during the holiday season, your entire family has a unique opportunity to reset Christmas traditions and family relationships. With an individualized family recovery plan in hand, follow these three tips to begin relational healing, forge new connections and prepare for a future of holiday blessing.

Tip #1: Make Support & Recovery Tools Part of Your Celebrations

If your son is new to Gray Wolf Ranch, you may not have formed connections to other recovering families, yet. Al-Anon, an offshoot of AA, has meetings in every community—especially during the holidays. These meetings introduce you to a group of caring individuals who understand the transition your family is experiencing.

As you plan for meals and entertainment, you may also benefit from Al-Anon sayings and practices that remind you to:

  • Simplify celebrations & manage expectations.
  • Recognize your own triggers & take care of yourself.
  • Practice gratitude, meditation & prayer.
  • Incorporate sober living principles into holiday meals & activities.

Tip #2: Revamp Old Traditions & Create New Ones

Your son’s addiction has probably disrupted past holidays or family gatherings. Now, your support of his recovery may require modifications to long-held traditions. This Christmas is an ideal time to begin healing broken relationships and engage everyone in forging new traditions. Set aside time to discuss your family recovery plan—and ask participants to get creative. Downsizing get-togethers and introducing fun games and excursions may better suit the changing interests of your whole family.

Tip #3: Share Your Holiday Experiences With Your Son

An involved family is an asset to recovery. As you use the holiday season to examine family interactions and heal old wounds, remember, your son is working hard to make permanent life changes. Keep a daily holiday journal to record recovery insights, holiday experiences and words of encouragement from family and friends. Share these entries with your son and be open to thoughts and suggestions from him. This correspondence could be the foundation for a closer and more rewarding relationship during the holidays and beyond.

Lives Restored at Gray Wolf Ranch

Washington’s scenic Olympic Peninsula abounds with inspiration for the unique Gray Wolf Ranch wilderness and addiction rehab experience. Here, young men gather strength, learn recovery skills and discover meaning in a life free from drug and alcohol dependence. Families, too, find power, understanding and enlightenment through weekly webinars and monthly workshops designed to build support for upcoming challenges.

If your teenage or young adult son is struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol, call 206.785.1676 to learn more about the Gray Wolf Ranch primary care, extended care and sober living recovery programs. Admission is quick, efficient and easy to begin. Just fill out our online form and connect with our admissions staff who will guide you through the process.

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